Please read the terms before doing a purchase on akjaerbede.

When purchasing on / .com, you accept the store terms. is under constant development, and therefor terms & conditions might change, so it’s important, that you check this page on a regular basis when doing a purchase.


Ordering products

To purchase goods on, you should at least be 18 years old, and own a valid credit card. akjaerbede have the right to cancel an order, if these conditions aren’t met. In such a case, we will inform you through mail and try to find a solution, or refund you for the purchase.
We accept most common credit cards.

For your safety and to avoid fraught, you will be asked to enter your CVV number, when purchasing with a credit card. You can find the 3 numbers, on the back of your card.

When you have made an order on / .com, we will withdraw the payment, as soon as your order + data has been confirmed, and is has shipped.

Price and tax

All prices and shipping, is including tax. At checkout the price will always have everything included.

The prices on / .com are applicable on purchase, but prices can change, without prior notice. But it will not change on purchases that have already been processed.

Your purchase, is not accepted until it has been completed from our end, after we have received your order information.

All prices are shown in (DKK)


Your order is shipped, as soon as your data has been confirmed and the payment, withdrawn from your account

Please be aware, that as soon as the package has been delivered, you carry the risk. If the package looks damaged or in any other way open, you should not accept the delivery. You are responsible for checking the product for any flaws and inform us right away.

You are allowed to keep the product even if it has flaws.

Your order can be shipped monday through friday, dependent on the product. If the product is in stock, it will be processed and shipped, within 1-3 days, by GLS or Postnorden(Post Danmark). If an order is placed on the weekend or on holidays, it will be processed on the next weekday.

Return policy – 14 days

As a consumer, you have the right to return you purchase, within 14 days. You are obliged to inform us through e-mail about the return, and after that you have an additional 14 days to return the product. The money will be returned, in the same way it was originally purchased, when the product has been received by us. Shipping and return shipping, is at your own cost.



You should always check the product when you receive it, and within reasonable time give us notice, by sending an e-mail, if there are any discrepancies.

If at a later time, any complaints regarding the product should occur, then send us an e-mail. If the complaint is justified, we will refund your money and pay for the shipping. But it is your responsibility to safely re-package the product, before return shipping.

Warranty is in Denmark limited to 2 years, from delivery date. It is the consumer, that is required to present proof of purchase, so your order receipt is required, when claiming warranty.


You can contact os, bye e-mail on: